Updating a dataset column with text box value

Here’s how you can create one to filter your data: Filtered data displays only the rows that meet criteria that you specify and hides rows that you do not want displayed.The two types of filters Using Auto Filter, you can create two types of filters: by a list value or by criteria.In Excel 2013, you can also create slicers to filter your table data.A slicer is really useful because it clearly indicates what data is shown in your table after you filter your data.

You can either apply a general Filter option or a custom filter specific to the data type.A field can represent either numeric or non-numeric data.Examples include sales amounts, total sales, customer names, database identifiers, URLs, images, spatial data, and e-mail addresses.For example, you might want to calculate the percentage of a group value relative to the complete dataset.

For more information about how to use other built-in functions to perform aggregations, see As a Tablix data region is processed and rendered, Report Designer evaluates the value of each Tablix cell in the context of the cell's scope.

You specify a calculated field manually by creating an expression.