Updating a date field in msacess

Ok, I have a query that looks at our oracle views, and displays the data in a form.So when you click the form, it immediately asks for a customer number.I want to add/append to the table from a button on the form. I came across this error when I was trying to update data in a local Access table by using the matching data in a linked table in Oracle.I have been trying to learn about VBA, and SQL but I am out of time essentially.Here's my question, does access have a way of adding/appending data from a query form to a table?Examples: The third example demonstrates how to concatenate a date into a SQL string.

If you are outside the USA, or developing applications that may be used in other countries, you must know to handle dates in Access.You can therefore use your local date format when you enter dates into the user interface part of Access: tables, queries, forms, or the Criteria of Query Design View.Unfortunately, Microsoft tried to be too smart at helping Access accept dates.Query 1: This is the most common way to do multiple table update in Access. This may be a primary key column or a column with unique index, or columns with combined uniqueness (also known as composite unique index).