Updating a slow computer

But yeah maybe that would work it boots fast but then to a black screen for a few minutes then afterwards it loads the login then once i login even that takes awhile. My Dell desktop take 31 second to load to flash screen. Programs, internet pages, all seem to load faster than my computer did with Windows 8.1.Getting a black screen for a few minutes at boot is not normal. Yeah So i ended up backing up my important data and doing a clean install much much better it runs a lot better, I'm actually now considering next weekend doing my desktop so far i'm actually liking windows 10 there are somethings i don't like.

But just because a new PC’s speed may seem dazzling at first, that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily working up to its full potential.windows 7 takes 20 seconds to boot and windows 10 takes 55 seconds. Since upgrading to windows 10 home, whenever i go online using either Firefox or Edge using google as my search engine it has become very slow when searching. I set system settings for performance, but haven't changed anything else. culprit behind poor PC performance One of the most common and perplexing issues that confront PC users of all types is why their computers seem to slow down noticeably after only a few years of use.and boy where there a lot of things of things i turned off likes of things for privacy and data to be sent to Microsoft i shut down annoying. just some minor annoyances i hope things come out to modify them and things to turn off but all in all not bad. I am running gigabit Ethernet (via cat5e cable) and I can only get about 3MB/s copying local files from my pc to my NAS.

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