Updating a small kitchen

The countertop was black, so she picked a light gray for the uppers and lime green for the lower cabinets to brighten things up."Citrus-like colors — orange, yellow and green — look great in a kitchen," she says.3. "Replacing existing doors with glass-paneled ones looks like a major upgrade," Scott says."These things are like jewelry for your kitchen," Scott says."You can always move them around or put them away."7. New drapes can really spruce up a space, but think twice about the type of treatment you hang on the window above your sink.Exposed shelves offer a convenient display opportunity and keep the room from feeling confined.Spray paint transformed a black fixture into a gleaming pendant.RELATED: 15 Ways to Add Polish to Any Kind of Window »8. It does double-duty by making your workstation more comfortable on your feet, and adding a splash of color.(Triple duty, if you count covering any ugly flooring! Kristy suggests an indoor/outdoor option from Chilewich.

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A repurposed cast-off hardware–store counter serves as an island.

An orange fridge might be too bold (and too expensive) for most homeowners.