Updating active directory batch

The user is added to any group name prefixed by a .Each bit of the attribute that is to be modified must be specified in a different column of the spreadsheet, each with user Account Control in the first row.The program validates the name by attempting to convert the value using the Name Translate object.The corresponding Distinguished Name is used to update the attribute.

The values supplied for the user Workstations attribute should be semicolon (or comma) delimited lists of computer Net BIOS names.Examples would include attribute is actually multi-valued, even though there is never more than one value, so it is not supported in this version.This version is shorter, handles most needs, and the code is easier to understand.The program supports two modes in these cases, an update mode and an overwrite mode.

If any of the semicolon delimited values is prefixed by either a means to remove all values in the multi-valued attribute.

A comma delimited list is supported because the actual attribute is comma delimited and, unlike the other multi-valued attributes, none of the actual values can have commas.

Updating active directory batch comments

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