Updating address book outlook 2016 0x8004010f

Since today i cant receive mail anymore on any adresses (listed in AD), now thats a first and really time to redo everthing. Insure that all the domains and users are listed as having read/write/change permissions. I had to generate a new Guid and reset up the site folders.Can i restore the messsages that i can not view via OWA or Outlook 2003 or arent they on the server anyway?? Right after I added in the offline address book, it started to work. make sure your offline address book has been rebuilt.2. right on the first general screen in the middle, you have no offline address book selected... After making the permission change, the errors stopped! Thanks for the help for the person who posted that suggestion.I too had the same error code when sending & receiving on a Windows XP client, I tried to create a new OAB and all the other things mentioned but to no avail, eventually the quickest solution was to create the user a new e-mail profile, only took 3 or 4 minutes and the problem has been resolved. Once the operation is completed (success or fail is not relevant) again perform the explicit Send/Recieve [email protected] Man DKHey thanks man, your resolution could fix the problem, I tried to follow the other clues mentioned but it never worked out. This time you will not get any errors and the operation gets completed fast.When setting up Outlook in cached mode, a common “Synchronization Failed” error is 0x8004010f - which means “address list not found” (the technical description of this is MAPI_E_NOTFOUND).There are three very common issues that may cause this: 1] You haven’t waited long enough!3] Your Exchange administrator has either removed the Default Offline Address List or has been messing with the security on it. You might want to encourage a call to Customer Support Services to get this one fixed.Thankfully, the most common issues are the first two.

I tried all of the solutions in this thread but none worked. Then properties page of mailbox store - general tab. Instant fix users just required to do quick log off outlook and problem solved.Quote---------------------------------------------OK guys... this thread has pretty much the complete solution in it. I started recieving this error:"Task Microsoft Exchange Server reported error (0x8004010f) : The operation failed. I brought in a new Win2k3/Ex2k3 server into an existing 2000 domain with an Exchange 5.5 server. After installation and export/import, the 2003 server worked as expected until I shut down the 5.5 server.After this error is just have enough, i would like to reinstall exchange since it was my first setup and some things did not go so well.

What is the best way to backup the Exchange Outlook data, approx 1.5 GB.

restart you information store service from services mmc console. ---------------------------------------------Corey you're a star! I'd tried all of these things and more as they'd been mentioned in previous posts, just not in this order. The solution was:1) Remove the checkmark from 'Download Offline Address Book' (OAB) in Send/rec. Was receiving the 0x8004010F when Outlook 2002/2003 tried to sync and on the Exchange 2003 server in the Event Viewer when I tried to rebuild the Offline Address List.