Updating an old mac

In order to download and install mac OS High Sierra, your Mac will need to meet the following requirements: of mac OS High Sierra's new features?If not, you may want to think about whether it is worth the effort to install it. Upgrading to a new software system, especially on a computer, can be a big upheaval that causes stress and confusion (Where'd they move the "download" button to? You might be excited about mac OS High Sierra after reading about everything it can do, but quickly decide that it's not right for you.Any Mac older than 2012 doesn't get many of the Continuity features, like Handoff, Air Drop, Universal Clipboard on your Mac, and Apple Pay on the Web. The first, and most important, thing you should do before upgrading to mac OS High Sierra (or updating any software, no matter how small), is to back up your Mac.Next, it is not a bad idea to think about partitioning your Mac so you can install mac OS High Sierra in tandem with your current Mac operating system.In general, in order to use all of the new features in mac OS HIgh Sierra, you should have the following Mac: You should also have an i Phone 6 or newer running i OS 10 or newer.If you hope to use Auto Unlock, you also need a Mac that is from 2013 or newer and an Apple Watch running watch OS 3 or newer.

Back up your Mac This is basic common sense before any Mac software update you’d like to undertake. Well, because sometimes updates happen less smoothly than you’d like them to.Tech observers were seriously taken aback when Apple took several days to address a security flaw in OS X 10.9 Mavericks after quickly fixing the same bug in i OS.The vulnerability comes from an improper implementation of SSL and TLS—the standard encryption systems used for secure Internet connections.If that sounds like a lot of work, you can get a Mac cleaner like Clean My Mac for the job.

That will give your Mac a basic system cleanup, but Clean My Mac is going to come in handy after the update as well.

If there are any apps that you just can't live without, you might be forced to ... If, after reading everything I suggested, you still think you are ready to upgrade to mac OS High Sierra, then by all means, go for it!

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