Updating audi sat nav

The Mini has been stored in the Garage and not used for three years but now recommissioned and up for sale. Paint lacquer peeling in places and front wings rusty.The car has a new full twelve month m.o.t with ..... You will need a registered account with the download website, where you'll also get all the details and info, at https://subaru-na.naviextras.com/shop/portal 1/5/13 recall Optional puddle lights (small outside lights under each door that illuminate the ground) may short circuit when exposed to saltwater, which could lead to overheating and possible fire.Models involved have the optional puddle lights and are the 20 Legacy and Outback, , and 2006-2012 Tribecas sold before January 2012.Easy to use Bluetooth, plays through stereo with hands-free steering wheel controls, includes wireless audio streaming. X Limited- 4.3" LCD display, AM/FM HD radio, single disc CD player, 6 spkrs, pty/cat radio search function, Easy to use Bluetooth, plays through stereo with hands-free steering wheel controls, includes wireless audio streaming USB, auxiliary inputs. AM/FM HD radio, Sirius satellite radio, single disc CD, pty/cat radio station search function, 7 spkrs including underseat subwoofer (exc with Nav), Easy to use bluetooth with hands-free steering wheel controls, plays through stereo, wireless audio streaming, USB and auxiliary inputs. i Pod capable..optional side window rain deflectors. Dealer installed only, not available factory or port installed. Suggested part price $99.95 (does not include installation)Power outlet, 2 prong power plug, 110v 100w . (three 12v outlets are standard)Inventory - Dealers are offered cars for inventory a month or so in advance. Most cars will have a extra options or upgrades and usually these are features that are popular in the area.

Normally 80/20 (or 90/10 depending on source) front rear power split.Photos I Updates I Whats new for 2012 I fuel economy comparison I brief model overview I Dimensions, Measurements, Cargo space I Safety features I Maintenance & Warranty I Model Option Trim Packages I Prices I Specifications, Mechanical details I Standard features: X, X Alloy wheel Pkg -- Premium & Limited -- Touring -- XT turbo I Option Packages I Individual Options I accessories I Colors, Interiors I order a car? Touring shown with dual front zone climate controlfront windshield wiper de-icers are part of the All Weather Package which also includes heated front seats and defrosting outside mirrors.I Magazine articles, speed tests I Fine print- this unofficial independent Subaru research site by Joe Spitz is designed to help you learn about Subarus and is not sponsored, authorized, supported or approved by Subaru or any dealer, and is not connected to, affiliated with or approved by any dealer. the platinum interior now has dark carpeting in the cargo area. Optional on X Premium, standard on Limited and Touring models.12/15/11 the 1st oil/filter change is by 7500 miles or 7.5 months. The 2011 model 1st oil/filter change was by 3mos/3000 miles, and early 2012 maintenance schedule printed 8/11 may still indicate that.

Late schedule have it correctly at 7500 miles/7.5 months.

VDC vehicle dynamics control, is a stability skid control system that measures and monitors steering wheel input, braking, vehicle angle etc and then applies individual brakes and/or reduces engine power to counteract skids or slides to help keep maintain driver control. Do not tow with a new car for the first 1000 miles.