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assuming when there will be more data, it will take even longer than that i was wondering if there is a way to check how to make things faster you said something about reloading ALL data again despite the fact Smart Refresh is TRUE.assuming when there will be more data, it will take even longer than that i was wondering if there is a way to check how to make things faster.hi therefor some reason you ignored this part of my reply: notice that smartrefresh is TRUE and here is what help file says: Determines whether to reload all dataset records or only the changed ones (i do have a key field specified) - so why doesnt it do exactly that?a general question: why, in order to change the value of the checkbox, the grid loads ALL the information? When the Key Field Names property is not defined, navigation through data is performed by the Move By method, which might be very slow with such a number of fields.

use also the exe itself to see the problemi hope this demo will give a hint on why this happens thanks Hello Amos. When you modify a record value (a check box column value), it reloads all the data. ALL records are reloaded from the underlying dataset. This is used by Save-Data Set Changes.ps1 to construct a Sql Command Builder object; which is then used to create the update/insert/delete command objects and update the SQL Server using a Sql Data Adapter. Core\File System:: C:\demo Mode Last Write Time Length Name ---- ------------- ------ ---- -a--- 2/25/2007 PM 5567 productmodel-10-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 2142 productmodel-43-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 1967 productmodel-44-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 4051 productmodel-47-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 4078 productmodel-48-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 1927 productmodel-53-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 1565 productmodel-66-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 1572 productmodel-67-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 5340 productmodel-7Get-Data Set.ps1 stores the sql command and connection string used to create the dataset as extended properties on the dataset. As Integer = 4 then continue; end;i have 1500 records to scan, ony 1 field gets to the collecting info code, the others dont have a V in that field. if you want me to open a new question for this, let me know, i put it here because of the relation (speed) to my original question. I'm afraid that I can't give you a precise answer about this delay.

the gridmode remains false and again he will have a problem with checking a checkbox?

after reading your reply to this, is there a way to do the change using the grid itself and not using the underlying dataset? NOTE: In this case you should not use the Client Data Set component, because it works incorrectly with a large number of fields and the Key Field Names property defined.