Updating eclipse europa to ganymede

These changes may require existing connectors to be ported, so some of the external connectors may not work when Ganymede is initially released.Kersten described the improvements as follows: The most important thing about Mylyn 3.0 is that the APIs now will now make connectors easier to write and more robust.Mylyn is described as a "Task-Focused Interface for Eclipse that reduces information overload and makes multi-tasking easy." and has been distributed with Eclipse since last year's Europa release.However, the pace of the project continued and resulted in four versions being released during the past year.Support for Aspect J is set to ship this summer as well.In short, we're amazed at how fast the integrator community is extending the reach of Mylyn, working hard to apply the dozens of patches we get from them each month, and looking forward to seeing where they take the technology in the course of Ganymede.In the course of Europa, we saw almost a dozen new connectors crop up, ranging from the Source Forge Enterprise Edition project management tool, to the RT ticketing system, to email support via Outlook and Gmail (see the Mylyn Extensions page).We consumed all of the feedback from integrators building on Mylyn and made our core focus be a major update to the APIs, enabling the framework to support the next rounds of products and integrations.

Either way, the end result will be a list of plug-ins, a set of preferences, and a backup of your previous installation.

Previously, pre-configured packages with related plug-ins were only available from companies such as My Eclipse.