Updating election polls

The final Senate result was announced on 4 August: Liberal/National Coalition 30 seats (−3), Labor 26 seats ( 1), Greens 9 seats (−1), One Nation 4 seats ( 4) and Nick Xenophon Team 3 seats ( 2).Derryn Hinch won a seat, while Jacqui Lambie, Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm and Family First's Bob Day retained their seats.

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Speaking with campaign representatives, we’re being told there are strong signs the majority of voters have come out in support of the judge.As per convention, the government and opposition agreed to support a motion in the parliament that the first six senators elected in each state would serve a six-year term, while the last six elected would serve a three-year term.In the time elapsed between the 2016 election and the following federal election, many parliamentarians resigned from their seats, while some were disqualified by the High Court of Australia.The next Australian federal election will elect members of the 46th Parliament of Australia.

The election will be called following the dissolution or expiry of the 45th Parliament as elected at the 2016 double dissolution federal election.

The key marginal seats are as follows: An election for the House of Representatives can be called at any time during the three-year parliamentary term.