Updating garmin nuvi 255w

Maps you download and install on SD cards are locked to your GPS ...and as such, should be able to be copied from SD card to SD card and used in the intended GPS.

Unless you need or want to use the older card for something else, it may be handy to keep the old card with the map files in case something happens to the new card.I would recommend updating the maps, and keep the unit. Unless you see something that you would really like to upgrade to, it wouldn't be worth it.From what I've seen on this forum, there have been a number of complaints with software upgrades on the different units, I see no need to take the chance.Make sure you copy all the files to your new larger SD card and you should be good to go. always good to make back-ups of everything before you start.

I purchased a 4 GB SD card on sale at Staples this afternoon.

Most folks that post here feel that at an Amazon price of $42 per update, this is the last option they'd consider.

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