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After that, we define the unsubscribe function called "unsubscribe User".Here, we are using the get Subscription() method of the Push Manager to get the current subscription details and send it to the server via the fetch API to remove the subscription from the database. Here, we have an for our push button, which will either call the subscribe or unsubscribe function depending on if we already have a subscription or not. You can find the full code used used here on Github. Here we will focus on the two events, "push" and "nofificationclick" we will need to handle notifications.Next, have a look at our subscribe function: By sending the subscription details to the sever we will get the endpoint and the p256dh and auth keys.To keep this example short I will not show how to save the data in a database.We will use the version, but there are also libraries for PHP, Java and C# available if you prefer any of these languages.

With that in place, have a look at the Java Script file “push.js” where we will handle the Service Worker Registration and the subscription of notifications: 'use strict'; const app Server Key = 'BHLCrs FGJQIVgg-XNp8F59C8UFF49GAVxv YMvy CURim3n MYI5TMds Ocrh-y JM7Kbt Z3psi5Fhfva Jb U_11jwt PY'; const push Wrapper = document.query Selector('.push-wrapper'); const push Button = document.query Selector('.push-button'); let has Subscription = false; let service Worker Registration = null; let subscription Data = false; function url B64To Uint8Array(base64String) function update Push Button() function subscribe User() function unsubscribe User() function init Push() navigator.service Worker.register('sw.js') .then(function(sw) ) .catch(function(error) ); (the public VAPID Key mentioned above) and some elements and variables.As promised in my article introducing here are the technical details about implementing push notifications.Originally, I wanted to focus on the specific issues I encountered on but thought it may be more useful to show a minimal version and mention some issues as a side note.This needs to be a UInt8Array so we use our function mentioned before to convert our key.

Next, we send the push subscription details to the server.

In addition to this, we need to either set an email adress with the prefix mailto: or the URL of our site - this is in case a push service has to contact you for whatever reason.