Updating iis server extensions

IIS 8.5 includes several new features not found in IIS 8.0 or lower: For more information on these features, see What's New in IIS 8.5.For information on new features in IIS 8.0, see What's New in IIS 8.0.If you are logged on to an account other than the built-in local administrator account, you may see the following security alert dialog box.IIS is one of the server roles on Windows Server 2012 R2, named Web Server (IIS).

To change an existing installation of IIS, perform the next procedure, Install additional role services for IIS. After you have installed the Web Server role on a running physical server for the first time, you can run through the installation process again to install additional roles, role services, and features.Ensure that you have administrative user rights on the computer on which you plan to install IIS 8.5.Note that by default, you do not have administrative user rights if you are logged on as a user other than as the built-in administrator, even if you were added to the local Administrators group on the computer.The entire script will be handed off to the engine and treated as one transaction.

To install IIS 8.5 with a script, type the following on one line in an elevated command prompt. EXE /enable-feature /online /feature Name: IIS-Web Server Role /feature Name: IIS-Web Server /feature Name: IIS-Common Http Features /feature Name: IIS-Static Content /feature Name: IIS-Default Document /feature Name: IIS-Directory Browsing /feature Name: IIS-Http Errors /feature Name: IIS-Http Redirect /feature Name: IIS-Application Development /feature Name: IIS-ASPNET /feature Name: IIS-Net Fx Extensibility /feature Name: IIS-ASPNET45 /feature Name: IIS-Net Fx Extensibility45 /feature Name: IIS-ASP /feature Name: IIS-CGI /feature Name: IIS-ISAPIExtensions /feature Name: IIS-ISAPIFilter /feature Name: IIS-Server Side Includes /feature Name: IIS-Health And Diagnostics /feature Name: IIS-Http Logging /feature Name: IIS-Logging Libraries /feature Name: IIS-Request Monitor /feature Name: IIS-Http Tracing /feature Name: IIS-Custom Logging /feature Name: IIS-ODBCLogging /feature Name: IIS-Security /feature Name: IIS-Basic Authentication /feature Name: IIS-Windows Authentication /feature Name: IIS-Digest Authentication /feature Name: IIS-Client Certificate Mapping Authentication /feature Name: IIS-IISCertificate Mapping Authentication /feature Name: IIS-URLAuthorization /feature Name: IIS-Request Filtering /feature Name: IIS-IPSecurity /feature Name: IIS-Performance /feature Name: IIS-Http Compression Static /feature Name: IIS-Http Compression Dynamic /feature Name: IIS-Web DAV /feature Name: IIS-Web Server Management Tools /feature Name: IIS-Management Scripting Tools /feature Name: IIS-Management Service /feature Name: IIS-IIS6Management Compatibility /feature Name: IIS-Metabase /feature Name: IIS-WMICompatibility /feature Name: IIS-Legacy Scripts /feature Name: IIS-FTPServer /feature Name: IIS-FTPSvc /feature Name: IIS-FTPExtensibility /feature Name: Net Fx4Extended-ASPNET45 /feature Name: IIS-Application Init /feature Name: IIS-Web Sockets /feature Name: IIS-Cert Provider /feature Name: IIS-Management Console /feature Name: IIS-Legacy Snap In You can use the Power Shell cmdlet Un Install-Windows Feature to uninstall IIS 8.5.

In the Add Roles and Features wizard of Server Manager, you cannot delete existing features that have already been installed.

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