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Nor will I participate in the next pre release unless things are 100% better. I'm at a point now where I recommend Node for future development, but if you're a Cold Fusion shop, then by all means, continue with Cold Fusion, but I don't see the 2016 release as being worth the price.You certainly want to wait till a few hot fixes have been released.

They either need to promote Anit and clone him or hire someone to help because I do not see it improving. Unless the API manager really sells you on it, I don't think it makes sense to do so.I was a member of the Pre Release for Cold Fusion 2016. I do not believe what I'm about to say will break the rules of that NDA. I even did a sappy video about my love for this community back in 2014. If you ask me about my job, I want to answer you and then I want to be quiet. If the members of the Cold Fusion team suck at community management, and frankly, they all do but Anit, then recognize it and work on it.In regards to the Adobe Cold Fusion team, I know almost everyone on that team and have met them multiple times. But I cannot describe how deeply disappointed I am in how they behaved on the PR. I'm probably borderline autistic, like a lot of programmers. But I stress over holding up my part of the conversation, saying the wrong thing, and, well, every single aspect of the relationship/communication. Force yourself to look at the threads and respond to every single one whether you want to or not.It provides a large set of features around documenting, handling, analyzing, your APIs.

As this is something I'm digging deep into on the Node side, I'm impressed to see Cold Fusion support it.

In fact, from what I can tell, none of the docs are updated yet. If you can't schedule a product release with documentation then you are failing at doing your job.

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