Updating liveupdate

It is typically pre-installed with most new ASUS computers.The most common release is 2.5.9, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version.I'm using Windows XP and my subscription is still valid.When I first noticed it it had not updated for 11 days and worked fine when I did a manual update.Well recently my Msi live update 6 software is not updating to its recent bios when it finishes downloading.I uninstalled live update 6 and re installed it and it is still doing the same thing.

I restarted my pc to see if it would fix it but it still says Incompleted.Pop ups are so frequent that it disrupts any work (mine about every 5 minutes 24/7).Not knowing if safe to remove, I had simply renamed to The Live Update application provides users with a means of having the system components updated automatically.

Users can also schedule the updates so they can take place daily, every third day, weekly, every second week, monthly or every third month as opposed to automatically.

Net Backup Live Update cannot update servers to a major or a minor release version of Net Backup.