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1.1 The value of information is the difference between the benefits realized from using that information and the costs of producing it. 1.2 Can the characteristics of useful information listed in Table 1-1 be met simultaneously? 1.3 You and a few of your classmates decided to become entrepreneurs.Would you, or any organization, ever produce information if its expected costs exceeded its benefits? You came up with a great idea for a new mobile phone application that you think will make lots of money.Your business plan won second place in a local competition, and you are using the $10,000 prize to support yourselves as you start your company.1.4 How do an organization’s business processes and lines of business affect the design of its AIS?

1.5 Figure 1-4 shows that organizational culture and the design of an AIS influence one another.1.5 The Howard Leasing Company Student solutions will vary based on their background and education. 1.6 The use of IT at Tesco 1.7 Have you ever imagined having one electronic device that does everything you would ever need?Mobile phone makers in Japan have gone beyond the imagining phase.CHAPTER 2 Overview of Transaction Processing and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems SUGGESTED ANSWERS TO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Download Here 2.1 Table 2-1 lists some of the documents used in the revenue, expenditure, and human resources cycle.

What kinds of input or output documents or forms would you find in the production (also referred to as the conversion cycle)?

Relate the basic input/process/store/output model to the functions of the human body.