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Distributed firewalls are host-resident security software applications that protect the enterprise network's critical endpoints against unwanted intrusion that is, its servers and end-user machines.In this concept, the security policy is defined centrally and the enforcement of the policy takes place at each endpoint (hosts, routers, etc.).Usually deployed behind the traditional firewall, they provide a second layer of protection.

While firewalls are in general not intended to guard against misbehavior by insiders, there is a tension between internal needs for more connectivity and the difficulty of satisfying such needs with a centralized firewall.IPsec is a protocol suite, recently standardized by the IETF, which provides network-layer security services such as packet confidentiality, authentication, data integrity, replay protection, and automated key management.This is an artifact of firewall deployment: internal traffic that is not seen by the firewall cannot be filtered; as a result, internal users can mount attacks on other users and networks without the firewall being able to intervene.Some problems with the conventional firewalls that lead to Distributed firewalls are as follows.

Due to the increasing line speeds and the more computation intensive protocols that a firewall must support; firewalls tend to become congestion points.

The ability to populate servers and end-users machines, to configure and "push out" consistent security policies helps to maximize limited resources. Secondly, they secure critical servers on the network preventing intrusion by malicious code and "jailing" other such code by not letting the protected server be used as a launch pad for expanded attacks.

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