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You will be given a default screen to allow all or you can select the one’s you wish to use. After the import process, using your browser, go to i and check to see if your data has loaded.On the browser, log in using your Apple ID and password (prior mobile me ID and password) and see that your calendar, contacts, etc. Depending upon how much data you have, it may take a few moments or minutes to load the information from the initial import.

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Kétféle Mobile Me előfizetés létezik, az egyik az egyéni, a másik a családi.You will be able to choose which information to sync with that device by turning them on or off. UPDATE: Joe Kissell, author of several e-books on Mac products, has written about i Cloud.In theory, you have completed the transition and all should be working automagically. The book, Take Control of i Cloud is described here and can be downloaded.Next BACKUP contacts, calendars and bookmarks before moving. You will need to agree to the Terms of Service The transition and moving of data will take place and the progress will be shown. Now, on your Mac, go to System Preferences i Cloud and enter your Apple ID and password to sign in.

When it is completed, you will be shown a screen similar to the one below. This should be your prior mobile me or account name and password.

A Mobile Me felhasználó a szolgáltatás netes felületén megkeresheti i Phone-ját, i Pod touchát vagy i Padjét.

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