Updating of security procedures and scheduling of security audits

security audits of physical and network systems also need to take place at regular intervals, these are usually done without the knowledge of the employees to prove the effectiveness of the system.an audit of database and network logs may occur with detailed analysis to look for recurring problems which may present an existing threat.Risk management Risk management involves the measurement and prediction of possible issues coupled with a strategy for dealing with each risk if it arises.Depending on the severity of the and type of threat they are experiencing an organization may choose to do one of these things: Budget setting Annual budget setting and the management of finances, to ensure organizational systems security is maintained at an acceptable level.Each of the three takes a different approach and may be best suited for a particular purpose.Security audits measure an information system's performance against a list of criteria.Surveillance polices CCTV surveillance cameras will monitor rooms and will record activity within a room.

It is important to check current security procedures with current knowledge such as if there is a likenesses of a certain problem arsing the security procedure needs to be able to handle it.Doing this may cost the organisation money but I believe that the cost will be worth it because it will safe guard their data from being access by an unauthorised personal.So this is why I believe this is another important procedure to have in place for the organisation.Codes of conduct People need to sign a code of conduct if they need to access your system which places legal responsibility on them, just the employee simply giving their word that they will behave is not enough for assurance for most employers and system mangers.

Instead employees are required in most cases to sign and agree to company policies and then they must adhere to these policies at all times.

There should be a plan put in place in the event of any of these disasters happening and they should keep the business running as normal as possible to ensure minimal damage.

Updating of security procedures and scheduling of security audits comments

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