Updating omenserve list

Also, Invision 3.1.3 won't work with m IRC 7.1, so if you want to use the newest m IRC, you need to use the newest Invision.Please note that you should NOT update an older copy of Invision to version 3.2.We are no longer providing m IRC with Invision itself, so this lets you download it without having to go to the site and download it manually.For this to work, make sure you are not blocking the installer from access to the internet.

Please report any bugs you find to the email link here on the web page.It also crashes on Win7 using older versions of m IRC. searching and downloading from fserves manually is a tedious task. There are a variety of new features including an improved Telnet "client" as well as an additional ANSI Telnet "client" that will allow you to view ANSI graphics.In addition, a date/time feature is available to also add to your toolbar if you are interested.

You can click the date or time on it to change the format.

Keep in mind that encryption will not work between older versions of m IRC/Invision and Invision 3.3 with m IRC 7.1 . It will not work properly on older versions of m IRC.