Updating os on blackberry

Rather than waiting for carriers to push it out though, you can grab the autoloaders right now for most Black Berry 10 devices. At this point, some of the stuff we've seen teased is in the OS and some of it is not, you'll just have to go through it all to find out what's there and what's not.Also of note, it's not available for all devices but if you have a Black Berry Z10 STL100-3 then you can go...

We've been in a bit of a dry spell when it comes to leaked OS' on Black Berry 10, but a new one has dropped today to help start the week off right.

While the update is noted to be similar to that of OS, some folks in the Crack Berry Forums are seeing some minor improvements. If you fancy living on the edge and enjoy installing OS leaks, a new one has just now landed in the Crack Berry Forums.

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