Updating panasonic plasma

If you still have problems, you may also want to try the suggestion on this page.Panasonic UK has finally come up with a solution for customers who complained about a 'green blob' or tinge appearing on some of its plasma TVs.

It’s pretty good for playing Blu-rays, but there are much better devices for connecting to online video streaming services.This will cause every device on your home network to use the new DNS without having to make any changes to them.You will need to figure out how to log in to your router’s settings webpage and then manually specify the DNS server IP address, similar to what is described above."Where applicable, we will arrange for a software update to be carried out on the television by a Panasonic Approved engineer.

"We would like to thank you for continuing to provide feedback with regards to this, both directly to us and on the forums.

Many Internet Service Providers are now throttling Netflix due to a court ruling that overturned the FCC net neutrality regulation prohibiting throttling.