Updating power of attorney

An advance directive is a document that tells others what you want to happen if you need medical care and are unable to consent or refuse treatment.For example, some people write an advance directive that says they do not want to be kept alive on life support if they have no hope of recovery.Note that each power of attorney must be signed by you and two eligible witnesses.Some people are not allowed to be witnesses, including your spouse and your children. Make sure that your attorney, your bank and anyone else who needs to know about these documents has a copy or knows where to get one.An advance directive helps your substitute decision-maker make difficult choices because they know they are following your wishes in that situation.

For a power of attorney for property, the person must be at least 18 years old.You can create a power of attorney yourself, using the free kit provided by the Ontario government.You can download the kit, or get a print copy mailed to you by calling: To use the kit, read it carefully and follow the instructions.The government does not keep a registry of powers of attorney.

You may want to include an advance directive as part of your power of attorney for personal care.

To sign a power of attorney you must be considered mentally capable.

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