Updating records using cursors

The following screen shows the output from using this Transact-SQL technique. Table Direct mode against the Perf table and the Execute Result Set method called to create a Sql Ce Result Set object that initially is empty of data. Read to position the cursor at the start of the record set. The following screen shows the output from using Sql Ce Result Set.Many queries are posted on newsgroups asking how to improve performance when you use SQL Server Compact Edition.This compatibility of programming models yields obvious benefits in that developers can program easily on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The test application consists of a single form that contains a Data Grid control and a menu.NET Compact Framework in supporting the same programming models as its desktop counterparts.Therefore, developers familiar with programming the Data Adapter and Data Set objects to retrieve and update data from SQL Server in a desktop application can use the same techniques when they work with a SQL Server Compact Edition database in a mobile device application.The first query uses a Data Set approach, joining the Order Details table to the Product Details and displaying the results.

Updating records using cursors comments

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