Updating row using cursor oracle

You need to post create table statements, insert statements for sample data, and a copy and paste of what you tried and the results you got.So from curr_mst all these 4 cols data needs to come/copy into cwat_assigned_customer.Essentially it loops through every row in the dps_user table, and replaces the password with an all-lowercase version of itself.Every 10,000 records it does a commit as the full 1.7 million records would overwhelm the undo tablespace. Array Type = Also see the Fire DAC\Samples\DBMS Specific\Oracle\PLSQLAssoc Array demo. It is possible to correctly setup such parameters only when Also see the Fire DAC\Samples\DBMS Specific\Oracle\PLSQLRecs demo.Fire DAC supports Oracle PL/SQL records as the parameters of stored procedures and functions. Fire DAC supports Oracle REF CURSOR (including Oracle 12c implicit results) returned by Oracle PL/SQL anonymous blocks, stored procedures and functions.To edit the REF CURSOR or nested cursor records, the application must override updates posting. When you perform a query, Oracle implicitly includes the ROWID pseudocolumn in the results.A Fire DAC dataset represents an implicit ROWID field as a hidden column.

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If you want to fetch the ROWID pseudocolumn explicitly, so that it is included in the Fields property, you must include ROWID into your SELECT field list (). Note that DBMS_OUTPUT processing affects performance, so normally it must be disabled. Shutdown allow you to start or stop an Oracle instance database, or to open or close a pluggable database (PDB).

I need to write a script which copies 4 col data from one table to another table.

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