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i.e., some versions of Windows can’t boot if the Windows boot partition is starts after 32GB, and some, if it starts after 136GB. You must then decide: So lets say you want 12GB for Windows, and 300GB for cache. You must determine the number of sectors used by Windows partition.Multiple the number of desired GB for the Windows partition by 2,000,000 Many versions of Windows will reorder the partitions you created with fdisk in Linux, swapping partitions 1 and 2 so the cache partition is changed to partition 2, and the Windows partition is number 1.This step downloads the necessary package information details from the Vector Linux repository (a specific FTP site).You must ensure your internet connection is working, then: 1) command line method: slapt-get –update , or 2) GUI method: launch “gslapt”, click Update icon."I try not to let things get juggled around simply for the sake of making them different.People who come back to Slackware after a time tend to be pleasantly surprised that they don't need to relearn how to do everything.So Windows reordered the partitions to make the Windows partition the first partition. To fix this brain-dead move by Windows, take these steps: Now boot Slackware install DVD, create logical partitions for swap, root, and anything else you want in the extended partition. You can boot Windows or Linux by changing the BIOS settings, or using the appropriate key at boot time key to get a boot menu, or you can also edit the syslinux config on the flash to give you multi-boot options.I am using Slackware 14 in my machine which is coming with firefox 15 pre-installed.

Retrieving checksum list [ftp://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/vectorlinux/veclinux-5.8/packages/]…Done Retrieving Change [ftp://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/vectorlinux/veclinux-5.8/packages/]…Done Reading Package Lists…Done1) command line method: slapt-get –install [packagenames] , or 2) gslapt method: launch gslapt, search for your required packages in the list, click those you want, click Package Install.This chapter describes how to track the development system and the basic tools for keeping a Free BSD system up-to-date. I can't find any consensus on whether I should completely uninstall and wipe this version before putting on the latest version. While it is possible to install two different bit versions of Python together, it would require some hacking, so I'll save that exercise for the reader.Remember that this command actually fetches the package from a server and then installs it.

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