Updating the rules for skin cancer checks

By giving all parts of your body a regular check you may be able to detect the early signs of skin cancer and increase the likelihood of successful treatment.But there are also more subtle benefits to regular self-screening for skin cancer. By devoting the necessary time to the process you stay aware of the dangers of skin cancer.Cancers that arise in these areas may go undetected because you can’t easily see them when you inspect yourself.

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You benefit from preventing skin cancer before it can get started.Cancer Council Australia this week announced changes to its melanoma diagnosis guidelines for doctors.The previous guidelines were based on the ABCD method, with doctors assessing asymmetry, border, colour and diameter.But now they're being asked to also add the EFG assessment — looking at elevation, firmness and growth.

The guideline change means a change in public health messaging.

Until now, public health messages about skin cancer haven't warned about paler, less obvious lesions."Typically, a lot of people assume, wrongly, that melanomas are associated with dark pigmented moles," said Chris Mc Millan, the CEO of Cancer Council Queensland.

Updating the rules for skin cancer checks comments

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