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• Updated Xceed Data Grid • Updated Language files • Fix for large email headers causing fetching to stall • Fix for evaluation hang when duplicate WASH STARTs detected • Fix for crash when Auto Save of display settings fails • Fix for crash when when date rolls over • Fix for crash when sorting • Fix for crash Collection was modified; enumeration operation might not execute • Fix for crash on Filter creation • Fix for hanging when ABORT is called during login • Fix for the selected message to follow emails when sorted by Classification and the Classification is altered • Fix for not restarting properly when coming out of Sleep/Hibernate • Fix for Blacklist and Friends List purging most recent entries • Fix for Custom Filters not matching on some email subjects • Fix for Mail Washer showing as active program when minimised • Fix for problem matching Friends and Blacklist against some addresses • Fix for grid not updating date columns properly after midnight • Fix for grid overlapping emails • Fix for evaluations not being completed • Fix for new mail notification firing on Auto Deleted emails • Fix for Quick Reply and Quick Forward not working with apostrophes in email addresses Download this Version• First Alert temporarily disabled by default • Added Swedish Language • Mail Washer Aero display altered to be more respectful of standard Windows • Email List now updates display time after midnight • Added Source Program to Account Import Wizard to show where account came from • Added minimum resize limit for grid • Added back debug columns for Word Counts • Added Scroll Bar when required to Side Bar • Improved Wash Mail behaviour when deleting large numbers of emails • Opacity of the Display Options dropdown removed • Auto Updater now deletes the old update file if it is Read Only • Fix for crash Index was out of range.Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.Domain Forwarding Tip: If you have one of your domain names forwarded directly to another domain name, then you can use your domain name to point at a directory at the destination domain name.Here at Automattic we feel really lucky to be able to interact with so many Word users through our awesome Happiness Engineers in Support, meeting Word Press users and lovers at various global Word Camps, and even Matt runs into Word Press users when he’s on a plane ).

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• Updated SQLite • Fix for Group sorting changing on grid clear • Fix for Friends not importing • Fix for Blacklist not importing • Fix for case sensibility when grouping by subject • Fix for Restore triggering IMAP command • Fix for Mail Washer launching as Admin after a Standard User install • Fix for manual clearing of Recycle Bin not clearing All Logged Emails • Fix for importing accounts from Outlook 2016 • Fix for Mail Washer getting hung when STOP is pressed • Fix for grouping sort being altered by clearing the message list • Fix for Profanity Filter crash • Fix for database VACUUM failing • Fix for crash when registering with Japanese characters Download this Version• You can now group by Arrived or Sent.The groups are layered as Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, All Time • Added Profanity filter • Added 20, 30 and 60 second intervals to the balloon notification • Reply-To added to Custom Filters • Added Delivered-To to Custom Filters • Added Helvetica as a selectable font • Mail Washer minimum height reduced • Added ability to Move deleted messages to specified IMAP folder • Import contacts from i Cloud, Yahoo, and Gmail in to the Friends List • Fix for 'Show email header' and 'Show action buttons' not saving correctly • Fix for crash when quickly moving between emails • Fix for extra whitespace being present when Preview Pane is positioned to the right • Fix for Mail Washer sending large IMAP commands • Fix for Mail Washer not handling incorrect IMAP logons correctly • Fix for special characters in IMAP passwords • Fix for Hebrew not displaying properly • Fix for Yahoo Group emails not always getting triggered by Custom Filters • Fix for Tutorial video • Fix for crashing on Windows 8 • Fix for crash when switching user accounts • Fix for Mail Washer closing windows of other applications • Fix for crash when viewing certain email content • Fix for crash when selecting Report Bug • Fix for text being cut off in Help & Information • Fix for bouncing via OAUTHDownload this Version• Custom Filters 'Message Body' now applies after Base64 messages are decoded • OAUTH option now properly adjusts for SMTP • Option to disable OAUTH added • Fix for OAUTH and Recent Mode • Fix for certain SSL accounts failing to logon • Fix for obscure crash when setting scroll wheel behaviour Download this Version• Added support for Google OAUTH • Added SIZE to Custom Filters • Custom Filters now support IS operator • Added READ column checkbox to mark/unmark all emails as Read • Mail Washer now periodically runs a database VACUUM • Quick Reply now properly uses Reply-To • Fix for MW not matching UTF8 encoded email addresses • Fix for Blacklist and Friends List editing • Fix for Recycle Bin not updating on date rollover • Fix for blank/mismatched IMAP email • Fix for Download Read Email resetting on install • Fix for Cyrillic characters in database path causing database failing to open • Fix for UTF8 encoded Sender not matching Friends List/Blacklist • Fix for Mail Washer not unfolding Long Header Fields (Spam Assassin fix) • Fix for non ASCII characters in data path • Fix for apostrophes in URLs • Fix for Scroll Wheel not scrolling message when switching to HTML view • Fix for URL warnings not showing in HTML emails • Fix for 'Always show event log' not saving between sessions • SQLite version updated • Updated Account Importer - Outlook 2016, Thunderbird • Updated Contact Importer • Misc small tweaks and fixes Download this Version• IMAP accounts now by default do not load Read emails.• Installer now adds/removes Taskbar icon • Added TLS for POP and IMAP • Added Chinese Languages • Fix: Database upgrade for compatilibity • Fix: IMAP accounts with spaces within the password • Fix: International characters in Quick Reply and Quick Forward • Fix: IP address parser detecting software version number as IP address • Fix: Startup shortcut not being properly added on install • Fix: Wrong default language file loading on startup • Fix: IMAP folders containing special characters • Fix: Preview screen jump when right clicking on a URL • Fix: Log files not cleaning up properly on new year rollover • Fix: No HTML loading in emails when HTML is present • Fix: Some emails showing blank in message preview • Fix: Mobile Synch with IMAP accounts • Fix: Account Importer fixed for latest Thunderbird version • Misc: Splash screen text added to Language files • Misc: Removed option to Synch with Desktop until fully working • Misc: Improved Installer language support • Misc: Contact Importer tweaks • Misc: Misc small tweaks and fixes Download this Version• Recycle Bin can now optionally display all logged emails, not just deleted.• Sync support for Mail Washer Mobile 2.0 (to be released soon) • Added more information into Email Info screen • Improved Contact Importer • Improved Account Importer • Improved Sync for Mail Washer Mobile • Fix for MW not downloading enough data on message preview • Improved Account Setup steps for account creation • Updated Language files • Updated DNSBL files • Updated Account Server files • Misc small tweaks and fixes Download this Version• Feature: Envelope toggle for showing/hiding emails is now sticky on restart • Feature: Added DELETE button into message preview icons • Improved Contact Importer • Improved Account Importer • Fix for erroneous crash reports being triggered on Windows 8 • Fix for Startup shortcut not being added properly during a full install • Fix for duplicate entries in Friends and Blacklist synchronisation • Fix for Mail Washer automatically scrolling past the VIEW HTML button in message preview • Fix for Mail Washer not automatically resizing message preview icons when space is too small • Updated language files • Misc small tweaks and fixes Download this Version• Synch checks to now run daily if Mail Washer is left running • Added checkbox into Delete column header to mark all emails for delete • Added Performance option Enable for screenreaders, defaults to Off • Added slider to Performance settings to control how much text is sent through Quick Reply/Forward • Improved Contact Importer • Improved Account Importer • Fix for Recursive Call to UI Automation crash • Fix for Blacklisted domains autodeleting when sender address is on Friends List • Fix for crash when removing entry from blacklist • Fix for crash on suspend • Added extra logging for crash when opening certain URLs • Database upgrade to prevent duplicate entries in Blacklist and Friends List • Updated Language files • Misc small tweaks and fixes Download this Version• Added ability to Synch Mail Washer Pro settings and accounts between PCs • Added ability to Synch Mail Washer Pro settings and accounts with Mail Washer Mobile for i OS and Android • Added ability to view emails in HTML • Added slider to Performance settings to control how much text is sent through Quick Reply/Forward • Improved Contact Importer • Improved Account Importer • Improved encoding for Quick Reply/Quick Forward for web based email clients • Improved Sent and Received columns not updating on date rollover • Fix for oldest message being selected automatically when using IMAP account • Fix for Reset Learning not deleting Spam Corpus • Fix for navigation keys not responding when opening Preview Window • Fix for Pop Up Notification not clearing when no emails present • Fix for Mail Washer remembering bad passwords • Fix for crash when copying to clipboard throws an exception • Fix for crash on account alteration • Fix for crash on Tell A Friend • Updated Language files • Misc small tweaks and fixes Download this Version• Italian and Portuguese (Brazil) languages • Added Sender column • First Alert performance improvements • Increase Filter Rule limit to 500 filters • Preview Window can now be opened when Preview Pane is enabled • Added message to Who Is screen when domain is unrecognised • Fix for contact importing on 64bit systems • Fix for contact importer not importing all entries • Fix for crash on certain emails in First Alert • Fix for crash on startup when Window Size gets massive • Fix for Preview Pane jumping after opening a URL • Fix for Import not properly overwriting files • Addition of Uninstall Questionnaire • Misc small tweaks Download this Version• Added ability to Import and Export settings, found under File menu • Allow Auto Delete to be set to lower values • Added basic Anti Virus disabling recommendation on certain errors • Updated Language Files • Fix for Contact Import on Outlook 64bit • Fix for High Contrast displays • Minor UI tweaks not even worth mentioning Download this Version• First Alert accuracy improved • Next/Previous now positioned at top of Preview • Email preview now shown by default on new install • Restore logic changed so that if the account no longer exists the fallback account is used • Auto mark as read delay no longer restricted to single digit • Delete column checkbox is cleared after washing mail • Delete column checkbox is cleared after search is cleared • Fix for accent characters not appearing correctly in the source view • Fix for blank emails when message is digitally signed • Fix for delete popup constantly appearing • Fix for filters with language rules triggering when they shouldn't • Fix for some memory leaks • Fix for full email not always downloading on scroll • Fix for URLs with exclamation points • Mail preview options "Show email header" and "Show action buttons" now work with the windowed preview • Fix for crash when testing accounts with spaces in the password • Fix for crash on account timeout • Small UI tweaks • Updated language files Download this Version• Theme alterations • Added Email Info section, including summary of links, attachments and more • Added Who Is lookups from Email Info screen • Added checkbox to Delete column to select all emails for delete • Addition of Delete column choice in Settings Inbox • Custom Filters now get added after the selected filter • Spam Throttle can now select 9999 lines per email • Increased the delay of automatic checking on Resume to 30 seconds • Added autodelete options for Spam Tools • Fix for crash when detecting Thunder Bird install • Fix for closing parenthesis in URLs • Fix for Always Show Event Log not saving • Fix for blank message in Preview Pane when Content-Location: is set • Fix for new mail popup title bar not restoring Mail Washer on click • Updated language files • Misc small tweaks and fixes Download this Version• Mail Washer now stores and recalculates time since last check after Sleep • Fix for Icomparer and Index Out of Bounds crashes • Fix for crash on new mail notification • Fix for crash when blacklisting multiple entries • Reporting column added to Inbox Display settings • Fix for new mail notifications incorrectly triggering on spam emails • Fix for new mail popup stating double amount of emails arrived • Fix for hang on filter re-evaluation • Fix for crash on marking email as read • Fix for crash on selection of empty rows in mail grid • Fix for crash on Registration check • Fix for Friends/Blacklists not matching when Learning disabled • Fix for GMail emails disappearing in grid when checking multiple folders • Fix for text/enriched; emails showing no content • Fix for new mail notification always stating 4 new emails • Inserting filter rules now insert below the currently selected rule Download this Version• Added ability to hide emails • Added Search to custom filters • DNSBL service added to tooltip • New mail popup balloon added • New mail popup can now be called up via mouse over the tray icon • New mail popup duration option in Settings Notifications • Added ability to cycle through deleted emails • New languages, Norwegian, Armenian, Spanish • Improved account importer • Cleanup routines now run more often and not just on exit • Fix for characters displaying incorrectly in Preview Pane • Fix for asterisks breaking URLs • Fix for corrupt file causing updates to always fail • Fix for crash when loading corrupt Friends/Blacklist entry • Fix for blurry text in Filter Edit screen • Mail Washer now follows selected Filter when reordering • Minor display tweaks when using bright green/yellow colours • Send Support Logs window can now be resized • Fix for Mc Afee AV header that was being displayed in the plain text preview • Fix for Reporting options not saving properly if exiting MW from Settings screen • Fix for Email Program translation text not updating • Tweaks to Spam Reporting screen • Removed Status Bar icons (Delete/Hidden emails) when in Recycle Bin • Status Bar icons now zoom in relation to Font zoom • Ctrl A nows selects all email even if it doesn’t have focus • Fix for empty preview on certain messages • Improved IMAP logon errors in Event Log • Added (albeit useless) error when database is corrupted • Error Dialogue boxes should now identify Mail Washer as the crashing program Download this Version• Added Spam Reporting • Mail Washer now runs as a single Mail Washer process • Speed improvements • Added some new mail notification icons • Added new Tray icon in Display Settings • Added Pirate Language and Icons • New version of Xceed Data Grid • Double clicking over Delete column no longer triggers Preview Window • Added some language encodings to Custom Filters • Registration now checks on port • New HTML parser for URLs • Disabled Automation Peer for Data Grid • Recycle Bin clean up routine only called once a day on exit • Fix to stop Mail Washer freezing when email program launches • Fix for DNSBL changes not saving if Mail Washer is closed still in Settings screen • Fix for slow loading of emails in Preview screen for some users • Fix for empty UID messages when moving emails to Recycle Bin • Fix for Support Logs sending wrong information • Fix for automatic updates not being detected • Fix for crash when IMAP account fails an account test • Fix for crash when launching mail program • Misc small fixes and tweaks • Help file improvements • Language file updates Download this Version• Fix for crash when loading Recycle Bin • Fix for crash on startup when Custom Data path is selected • Fix for crash in new mail notification • Fix for installer failing on some machines • Fix for evaluation spinner not resetting on FA timeout Download this Version now reloads the License from the server upon entry • Removed Recycle Bin purge on startup • Fix for Mail Washer preventing hidden Task Bar from showing • Fix for Display Layout not setting to Custom when Preview Pane closed through View menu • Fix for borders on Preview Window • Fix for bounce button showing in Recycle Bin • Fix for Friends/Blacklist not matching when @ is in display name • Fix for some emails not showing attachments • Fix for emails missing From/Subject/To in Recycle Bin • Fix for empty First Alert errors • Fix for column widths increasing • Fix for Mail Washer stalling when resuming from Sleep • Fix for automatic updates not being detected on some machines • Fix for old Quick Start shortcut not being removed • Fix for hang caused by 'An item with the same key has already been added' • Fix for crash that can occur on Start Up after a clean install • Fix for crash that can occur when Classifying emails • Fix for crash on Exit • Fix for crash in Tell AFriend • Fix for crash at startup • Fix for crash on corrupt Registration File • Updated Language files Download this Version Display • Added optional pre-loader to load files into memory before Mail Washer starts • Added stock Layouts in Display Options : Default, Laptop, Widescreen, Custom.

Note, in Custom you also have the option to switch off the buttons and other header data in the Preview screen • Improved Startup time • Spam tool information about how an email has been evaluated optionally shown in preview pane • Email grid now takes focus immediately so Hotkeys work without clicking in grid first • Evaluation Timeout logic improved • Fix for keyboard shortcuts not working in Preview screen • First Alert re-enabled • First Alert now processes in batches of 100 • First Alert Timeouts now 10 seconds applied to each action, SEND, RECV etc..

In layman’s terms, domain mapping just means pointing on that blog’s dashboard after you’ve completed the domain mapping process. If you ever decide to transfer the site off Word Press.com, you can take your domain with you, too.