Updating you resume

So instead of being a “creator,” you “created” something.Here’s some up-to-date verbage to mix in: The people reading your resumé know. It sounds pretentious, and that line takes up valuable real estate.If you’ve been out of college for a couple years (as we’ll assume you have, since you’re worried about being outdated), there’s no need to add your graduation year.It allows potential employers to date you (and judge you based on your age) before they’ve gotten an unbiased sense of your experience and qualifications. Instead of calling yourself names, try talking about what you do.Job security is hard to come by, which means updating your resume regularly is a smart move to ensure you’re ready to go at any point.For example, every week I get a call from someone who says they haven’t been actively looking for a job, but they just got a call from a recruiter with a dream job opportunity and need an updated resume in 24-48 hours.To remove and / or replace your resume, under the View Resume button (top right), click “remove your resume.” After you remove your Indeed resume, you can upload another one or create a resume from scratch by clicking create a blank resume.

Images take up space that you need for talking about your skills and qualifications, and who knows how they would print out or appear on the recruiter’s screen?They don’t think you’ll refuse to provide references. These days, employers expect proficiency in word processing, typing, and Internet use.Listing outdated skillsets can give an employer the impression that you’re not up to speed.In the spirit of providing a lot of information in a short amount of time, try adding percentages to your resumé.

“Increased conversion rates by 15%” sounds a whole lot more impressive and memorable than “Improved conversion rates.” You don’t have to be exact, but make sure you’re telling the truth!

If you need to brush up on tech skills and aren’t sure what to highlight, try this: Instead of dating yourself with lines like “proficient in Excel,” try talking about your experience in data analysis.