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As members of the local student union international Master's degree students of the University of Vaasa benefit from various discounts on and off campus.These include for instance subsidised meals at University restaurants and cafeterias, as well as discounts on travel tickets, in theatres, museums and numerous stores.Master's degree students are also entitled to student health care service.The University of Vaasa campus is located next to the sea with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.The University of Vaasa occupies one of Finland's newest campus areas close to the sea.All of the schools and departments are located on the beautiful island of Palosaari.The cultural life of the city has something for everyone.

There are altogether some 12 000 students in Vaasa, and the available housing and leisure activity opportunities in the city are plenty.The language of instruction in all the courses offered for international students in the Master's programmes in English.Courses are typically based on lectures with a final examination, or on independent studying which is examined during the academic year.University of Vaasa - Multidisciplinary and Business-Oriented are of a high national standard, and the University of Vaasa is among the largest providers of business degrees in Finland.

The key areas of business studies are financing and financial markets, entrepreneurship, consumer behaviour, and internationalization of enterprises.

The campus is an interesting fusion of old and new, a combination of continental and Anglo-Saxon architectures.