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Provided is an address validating data structure used for validating addresses.

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buffering a data structure comprising a plurality of arrays, wherein each array includes a plurality of words, wherein one word in each array indicates address words in the array having valid addresses, wherein at least one mask word provides mask information for at least one address word having a valid address, wherein the mask information for one address word indicates bits in the address word; and , wherein the mask word provides mask values for a plurality of address words, wherein the mask value for one address word indicates bits in the word used to validate the address received from the transmitting node.

accessing a next array in the data structure if there is one next array to determine whether one address word in the next array matches bits in the received address indicated in the mask information for the matching address word in response to determining that the received address does not match one address in the current array, and wherein the received address is not validated if one matching address word is not located after processing all address words in a last array.

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