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Regular Expressions are supported by many languages.Sun added support for regular expression in Java 1.4 by introducing regex package.The numbers in a Social Security number can be matched with the digit special character (The second two sets of numbers can be defined using the same criteria.Since there’s only one dash between the sequences of digits, it can be given without any special character.So I decided to write few more posts about Java Script regular expressions and how to use them to validate Social Security number, zip code, phone number and numeric data.I’ll divide these into smaller posts discussing one regular expression per post to keep it simple for the readers.However, if there’s a possibility the string will have a Social Security number without the dashes, you’d want to change the regular expression pattern to:) is used to indicate that the line terminates at the end of the Social Security number.Since we’re only interested in verifying that the string is a validly formatted Social Security number, we’re using the method, but six of one, half dozen of the other; both approaches are acceptable.

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You can read more about regular expression format here. */ public static boolean is SSNValid(String ssn)/** is Numeric: Validate a number using Java regex.* This method checks if the input string contains all numeric characters. Number to validate * @return boolean: true if the input is all numeric, false otherwise.SNN format: The regular expression for social security number (SSN) is : Finally, the social security number must end with four digits.

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    How to validate email, SSN, phone number in Java using Regular expressions. January 10, 2008 Java. Validate Social Security Number SSN using Java regex.…