Validating train tickets in italy

Due to Vueling running more like its horrid parent company, Iberia and less like an efficient budget airline, I found myself with a four and a half layover in Rome on my way to Split, Croatia from Barcelona.I thought, “I’ve seen a sufficient amount of interiors in airport terminals (LAX being the worst) so let’s go in to Rome for a few hours, have lunch, and run back.” For those who haven’t been to Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, there is a decently-situated train terminal at it that takes you to Roma Termini which is Rome’s main train station.Train travel in Italy is cheap compared to surrounding countries.But there's a catch: major rail lines in Italy tend to have a vast ridership and seats during "rush hours" can be difficult to find on Italian regional trains. We'll list the types of trains by cost and speed, expensive and fast trains first.” “I’m sorry, this is just the way it is.” This went on for a bit more and resulted in nothing.If they were to throw me off the train it would have been at the airport so I guess I should have complained more but didn’t have it in me.

Eurostar Italia trains have mostly been replaced by the Frecce series that serve major cities and you'll see them designated on the Trenitalia web site as Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, and Frecciabianca, however on the departure board at the station they may still be designated by First class coaches offer slightly better seats and are generally less populated.

I bought a ticket and stuck it in to the validation machine although the guy selling it to me on the platform didn’t even mention that you needed to.