Validating xml without namespace

XML Signature may be used in application server systems, where multiple incoming messages are being processed simultaneously.In this situation incoming messages should be assumed to be possibly hostile with the concern that a single poison message could bring down an entire set of web applications and services.So if the original document has 100 elements, this would take 100^4 = 100 million operations.A malicious message could include this transform and cause an application server to spend hours processing it.

One countermeasure to the increased number of threats is to follow best practices, including a simplification of use of XML Signature where possible.This usually includes verifying information in the certificate such as the expiration date, the purpose of the certificate, checking that it is not revoked, etc.Key Validation is typically more than a library implementation issue, and often involves the incorporation of application specific information.This article is described based on DB2 9.7 for Linux®, UNIX® and Windows®.

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How that transform is implemented is then out of scope for the signature protocol - a named transform can very well be built in XSLT.

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