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Most of churches still maintain the decoration of wine ornaments.Thus the cross and the vine obtained a special place in the psyche of Georgia.Even the modern English name of wine is believed to derive from Georgian “Ghvino” (“Vin”; “Wein”; “Vine”; “Vino” …) The special love of Georgians for wine is not accidental.

There is no arguing that Eger has a long tradition of wine making but it is impossible to ascertain exactly when vines were first cultivated in the region.Despite having the oldest wine culture in the world, modern times have not been so kind to the Georgian wine tradition.If in the past an average farmer carefully treated his grapes, this radically changed in Soviet times.The knowledge and skills of wine-making in Georgia were widely acknowledged in the ancient world.

Many outstanding figures of the antiquity, such as Appolo of Rhodes, Strabon and Procopious of Caesaria mentioned Transcaucasus and specifically the territory of Georgia in their works as the land of the first known cultured grape varieties.

They became aware of the advantages of this method and kvevries and started to change their philosophy of making wine.

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