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this manner of eating has only been with us for the mere blink of an eye on an evolutionary timescale. Davey GK, Spencer EA, Appleby PN, Allen NE, Knox KH, Key TJ. In our comprehensive analysis of 229 hunter-gatherer diets, my research group and I showed beyond question that no historically studied foragers were vegetarians. EPIC-Oxford: lifestyle characteristics and nutrient intakes in a cohort of 33 883 meat-eaters and 31 546 non meat-eaters in the UK. According to the FDA report, the Impossible Burger’s lab-created soy leghemoglobin has not been tested thoroughly enough to confirm that it is not a potential allergen.Impossible Foods says its product is 100-percent safe and has been extensively tested."FDA believes the arguments presented, individually and collectively, do not establish the safety of soy leghemoglobin for consumption," FDA officials wrote in a memo, according to the New York Times, "nor do they point to a general recognition of safety."Impossible Foods says it has done extensive studies in rats and submitted research indicating that scientists say its soy leghemoglobin is the same as the naturally occurring leghemoglobin people already eat in plants and animals.If we are to buy into vegetarianism, then the system, evolution via natural selection, which shaped our present genome necessarily had to be conditioned over eons by a plant based, vegetarian diet. Clarke R, Birks J, Nexo E, Ueland PM, Schneede J, Scott J, Molloy A, Evans JG. Assessment of iron deficiency in US preschool children and nonpregnant females of childbearing age: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2006. Plant-animal subsistence ratios and macronutrient energy estimations in worldwide hunter-gatherer diets. Otherwise, there is no rationale alternative hypothesis to explain why humans would “prosper and thrive” on vegetarian diets. Low vitamin B-12 status and risk of cognitive decline in older adults.

That occurs naturally in the roots of soybean plants, but Impossible Burger makes their soy leghemoglobin in a lab.We think that even the most carnivorous customers might be pleasantly surprised by Kevin.After spending months creating the pie, it took almost as long to name it and after several office debates and plenty of umming and ahhing, we finally agreed on naming the pie Kevin after Kevin Keegan.Human preference and appetite for meat, marrow and animal food has an incredibly long history in our ancestral line. Position of the American Dietetic Association: vegetarian diets.

These definitive “smoking guns” in the archaeological record leave little doubt that all human species ate animal foods from the very get-go of our existence.

Impossible Foods had asked the FDA to review their research and declare that Impossible Burgers are safe for people to eat.

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