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The only things small enough to silkscreen were placemats, so that’s where they started.Vera’s transition from housewares to scarves came out of necessity.She went to Cooper-Union and the Traphagen School of Design and gravitated toward textile design.She was initially thrilled to get a job straight out of school but balked at being asked to blatantly copy the work of other designers. And while working as a freelance designer for children’s fabrics and murals, she met her future husband, George Neumann.Why buy a new scarf that has the 70’s retro look when you can shop at Razberry Boutique and buy the real thing.Vera Neumann, (1910-1993) is known worldwide as “Vera”.By 1972, her designs were sold in 20,000 stores around the world.

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The well-known Vera logo was created because, as part of the process of silkscreening her paintings onto the scarves, her signature transferred as well.When I emailed Grace and told her that I was thinking of devoting this week’s Past & Present to Vera Neumann, her response was (and I’m quoting here), “VVVVVEEEERRRRRAAA.” So yeah, we might have a wee Vera obsession and since Grace and I are heading to Atlanta on Friday for the Lavish conference — and Atlanta just happens to be the headquarters of the Vera company — it seemed fitting that we take a look at this American designer and entrepreneur.Although Vera is known for her iconic scarves that became hugely popular in the 60s (even Marilyn Monroe was a fan — she posed with a Vera scarf in her photo shoot for Vogue just before her death), Vera got her start by creating housewares.Here are just a few of my favorite Vera items — at the top of my list is the new Vera book by Susan Seid, which would be a fantastic gift if you know any Vera fans.

Ask me my all-time favorite designer when it comes to vintage and, hands down, Vera Neumann and her iconic ladybug will be my answer.

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