Video chatlar updating metal gear online

If you don't have access to the feature yet, don't freak out.Instagram is testing it with a small percentage of users and said it will introduce it globally over the coming months.C'mon Microsoft, I am trying to remain a loyal Windows Phone customer but it's getting difficult when just about every app doesn't work properly like they do for other phone companies.

• Sign language - Glide is proud to be widely used by deaf and hard of hearing communities around the world who prefer the convenience of video chat.Snapchat does offer video chat, but it's only viewable one-to-one.Users can also leave video and audio notes to each other.Maybe just maybe we can get this replace snapchat Issues - scrolling through threads is pretty buggy. After viewing messages still shows as unread Also worth noting - their devs update the app very often I am deaf so naturally this app is a great fit for me to stay in touch with my friends using American Sign Language.

The app is easy to use and I absolutely love that Glide supports pinning contacts to the start screen!

That's bad news for Twitter's Periscope, You Now, and any other platform that dared to compete with the giant that is Facebook.