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From the spooky Spaghett to the terrifying child clowns, Tim and Eric go where no comedians have gone before.Their strange edits and grainy cinematography are enough to make anyone laugh in confusion, but then they jump out with spoofs and goofs that really push it over the top.The fact that he's playing the ghost of himself is absolutely amazing., Ted Danson got into a car accident. Unfortunately, he was struck by lightning and got shrunk.Why did this random electrostatic discharge shrink him and not kill him?Den britiske avisen The Guardian publiserte mandag et kunstneropprop med over 150 kjente kunstnere og artister.Det fikk Valle til å sette i gang initiativet i Norge.«Ved å anerkjenne Jerusalem som Israels hovedstad, prøver Donald Trump å oppnå det samme som Israel har forsøkt å gjøre i femti år med væpnet makt: Å fjerne palestinerne, og deres politiske og kulturelle tilstedeværelse, fra deres egen by.», heter det i oppropet.- Jeg opprettet en gruppe på Facebook, og responsen var overveldende.

The hilarious image of his mustache right below his eyes is enough to make this sketch a success, but then he opens his mouth and spews some of the funniest shit ever.

He only makes it with women have have real clown genes, so I know he's telling the truth. Danny Trejo gets a puppet-sized slap-down from a cop with some real personal issues.

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    Feb 20, 2012. Rainn Wilson may be known for his more popular role on the American adaptation of The Office, but one of his best performances came out of his cameo on Tim and Eric. Playing the role of a cliche "gamer," Wilson submits a tape to a video dating service. Thanks to the genius of Tim and Eric's editing.…