Visio screenupdating

Sub Add Shape Numbers()' Set numbers for each shape on all the pages of all the documents within a directory' The changes are done in a temporary directory in case a problem arises. Background = False Then Shape2DCnt = 0Set shps Obj = Pag Obj. Count For i1 = 1 To Shapes Cnt Shape Level(i1) = ""Next i1' To navigate the shapes, a sort table is required to determine where on the page the shapes are' The shapes are ordered from the top left to the bottom right' Loop through all the shapes on the page to find their locations For cur Shape Indx = 1 To Shapes Cnt Set shp Obj = shps Obj(cur Shape Indx)Shape Name(cur Shape Indx) = shp Obj. Select all embedded Visio objects with VBA Select all embedded Visio objects with Kutool for Word Instead of selecting the embedded Visio objects one by one, it is easier to select all of them with VBA in Word.VBA code can select all embedded objects, do as follows: Step 1: Press Alt F11 to open VBA window; Step 2: Click Module from Insert tab, put the code into Module window; Step 3: Click Run button or press F5 to apply the VBA.

Shape Dim i As Integer, Shp No As Integer Dim Pos X As Double, Pos Y As Double Dim Shape X As Double, Shape Y As Double Debug. The VBA code to select all embedded objects: If you are not good at macro, or you want to find an easy way for selecting all embedded Visio object in Word, Kutool for Word is your best solution.After you have installed Kutool for Word, you can select all embedded Visio objects with one click. Print Pos X; " "; Pos YNext i End If Next Shp No End Sub Public Sub Connections List()Dim vso Connect As Visio.

For Each vso Connect In vso Connects'Print the name of the shape the'Connect object connects to.

Green Next End Sub Public Sub Test Colour()Dim sh Shape As Visio.