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In 2010, while visiting relatives in Iowa, Tom saw a comment written about Git Hub on Twitter in which the poster insulted the quality of the search functionality of Git Hub.After seeing all of the comments, Tom considered their accuracy and decided that the original comment was in fact valid; he personally set out to completely overhaul the service's search functionality by drawing on his experience having worked at Powerset.Thomas "Tom" Preston-Werner (born October 28, 1979) is a software developer, inventor and entrepreneur.He is an active contributor within the open-source development community, most prominently in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lives.Unfortunately we were married during Hurricane Joaquin and the weather was less than perfect., still won't quit as the state parole board prepares to again consider whether a man who admitted his role in one of Houston's most shocking triple homicides should be given yet another chance at freedom.Duff-Smith and Janecka have both been executed for their roles.

However, following an internal investigation, Git Hub confirmed the claims.

I’ve seen this first hand while helping companies impacted by these updates.