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His masculine body, dynamic mind and romantic ideas move my heart and soul ^_^!! I was driving yesterday and one of my staffs was sitting next to me and we were talking about Song Jae Rim and she said that she will not get married unless she will meet a man like SJR, romantic, funny, handsome, good body and practical.. Big fan over here I finished watching WGM juz the part you and kim so eun were there.. We have watched your variety show WGM and still hang up on it. I read an article that said your clumsy when it comes to Martial Arts, but I don't believe it, You are Daebak!!!well, it might take her a lifetime to find that kind of man unless he will marry Song Jae Rim itself hahaha. I learned you're in a process of filming a new drama. Can't wait and looking forward on watching the upcoming drama of yours. You're a great actor and I really liked your work on Surplus Princess.more projects more earning for his future plans of settling down with kim so eun!

Romance well I would love to see him kiss more he makes me feel alive. The other fellow that should do more drama leads is his mate..?? Everyone you should watch him in thumping spike a mini drama he is so charming in their that I even fell in love with him he broke my favorite actor list from his awesome acting and handsome face with that handsome smile how can I not?!!!!it is amazing how easily he performs and he let us know through his involvement in charity work.I wish him the best for him in his personal and professional life. I love n i like to see u more and more on screen, and i dont think a guy like you will exist in this world, i just though a guy like u with most perfect , romantic, handsome, manly, cheese, sneaky, humoris, humble n very dwon earth, with alots caracter i mean unique only exist on the book.im wrong within 999.9 you are the ONE an only ONE.I have watched most of his dramas and movies and really hope that he'll do a romantic drama with Kim So Eun soon . more projects for this great and dashing actor please!

he is beautiful inside and out thats why his wife loves him sooo much.

I am hoping and praying that you two will end up together as a real sweetheart couple! Please make it real as in REAL with our Kim So Eun!! Then, I liked him because of his manliness and charisma but now as he ages he becomes cute and waaaaay more handsome.