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A Processing library for the Open CV computer vision library.Open CV for Processing is based on Open CV's official Java bindings.Code: Find Three different edge-detection techniques: Canny, Scharr, and Sobel.Code: Find Find straight lines in the image using Hough line detection.

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Use background subtraction to distinguish background from foreground and contour tracking to track the foreground objects.It attempts to provide convenient wrappers for common Open CV functions that are friendly to beginners and feel familiar to the Processing environment.See the included examples below for an overview of what's possible and links to the relevant example code.Code: Color Channels Demonstrates use of the find Histogram() function and the Histogram class to get and draw histograms for grayscale and individual color channels. Demonstrates the use of HSV color space as well as range-based image filtering.

Code: Hue Range An example of the process involved in calibrating a camera.

Complete documentation is available here: Open CV for Processing reference Open CV for Processing is based on the officially supported Open CV Java API, currently at version 2.4.5.

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