Webcams in peoples bedrooms and people caught having sex

I think it was an innocent situation that is getting drug out a little further than it should, but that will come out soon,” Havrilla’s attorney, Anthony Jackson, said.“It’s very disheartening to feel violated in this way that somebody can come in and disrupt the sanctity of my home, it’s indescribable,” Kennedy said.PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man was caught on camera sneaking into his neighbor’s attic and peering into his bedroom through a vent.Surveillance video from Jerome Kennedy’s camera captured who he believes is his neighbor Robert Havrilla, 69, in his attic in July.

“The only thing I can assume is he’s watching my baby, my wife, or myself,” Kennedy said.He then lies down on top of a vent that is directly above the victim’s baby’s crib and the victim’s bed.Havrilla appears to drill a hole near the vent, and he is seen staying there for about half an hour.With the assistance of his wife, he cut rectangular holes measuring six by fourteen inches in the ceilings of more than a dozen rooms. He went on to say that although he had been wanting to tell his story, he was “not talented enough” as a writer and had “fears of being discovered.” He then invited me to correspond with him in care of a post-office box and suggested that I come to Colorado to inspect his motel operation: After reading this letter, I put it aside for a few days, undecided on whether to respond.

Then he covered the openings with louvred aluminum screens that looked like ventilation grilles but were actually observation vents that allowed him, while he knelt in the attic, to see his guests in the rooms below. I did this purely out of my unlimited curiosity about people and not as just a deranged voyeur. As a nonfiction writer who insists on using real names in articles and books, I knew that I could not accept his condition of anonymity.

Two weeks later, when I approached the luggage carrousel, I spotted a man holding out his hand and smiling.