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It is important to notice that not all states have Romeo and Juliet laws.refers to engaging in a sex act with someone who is below the legal age of consent.This term most often applies to instances of an adult having sex with someone under age, but it can apply in other situations as well, depending on the laws of the state in which it occurred.In many jurisdictions, the adult may face severe statutory rape penalties, even if the underage party consented to the act.The teen couple embarks on a sexual relationship, and while Lila is legally not of consenting age, the age difference of only 2 years between the two makes the sexual activity legal.In this example of Romeo and Juliet laws, however, had Brendan been 18, making the age difference 4 years instead of 3, he could be subject to statutory rape charges.

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It also shows the age differences allowed by the state’s Romeo and Juliet law.Some states do not have a Romeo and Juliet law, instead setting a specific age of consent.If any person engages in consensual sex prior to that age, they have committed a crime, regardless of how close in age the parties are. This provision is subject to certain exceptions, including a lengthier statute of limitations of seven years if the victim was under the age of 16 at the time of the offense.

§ 17-3-1, prosecutions for felonies must be commenced no later than four years after the commission of the crime (prosecution is “commenced” on the date that a formal indictment or accusations is filed). § 17-3-2.1 sets out the statute of limitations for most sex offenses involving children under the age of 16.

Where DNA evidence is used to establish the identity of the accused, a prosecution for the following offenses may be commenced at any time: armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy, and aggravated sexual battery.

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