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For instance, how much better off would we be if all that extra student loan interest money went instead to charities that help those hit by disaster such as Superstorm Sandy or this week’s Boston Marathon attack.

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Even if you devote some spare cash toward the principal, you won’t be able to pay down your loans nearly as fast or for less cost than you can with the avalanche plan. Also, once you consolidate loans, they can’t ever be separated again because the old loans are paid off and a new loan established.There’s no way to separate them and if one party fails to pay, becomes disabled or dies, the other ex will be pursued for the entirety of the debt!________________________________________ If you’re considering consolidation, don’t just say “yes” and dive in. You should run scenarios to ensure that you won’t be worse off financially and also consider any benefits you could lose if you consolidate.But if you are taken in by the allure of a lower monthly payment and talked into a 20 year consolidation, you’ll pay drastically more in interest in the long run.

And lets be honest, you can make a lot better use of the money you save than your lender can.

If you consolidate mid-stream – say 40 payments into your 120 – you will start over again at one with your first payment on your newly consolidated loan.