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Recent i OS updates have been free for owners of supported i Pod Touch models, but Apple received criticism for charging i Pod Touch owners for versions 2.0 and 3.0, which i Phone owners received for free, and for excluding certain features from the i Pod Touch software that the i Phone included.Apple's position was that they could add features for free to the i Phone because the revenue from it is accounted for on a subscription basis under accounting rules, rather than as a one time payment.At WWDC in June 2010, as of i OS 4, Steve Jobs announced that Apple had "found a way" to make subsequent OS upgrades available free to i Pod Touch owners.To purchase content on the i Pod Touch, the user must create an Apple ID or have an existing account.Jailbreaks for the i Pod Touch first surfaced a month after the first model was released in September 2007, when hackers released Jailbreak Me 1.0 (also called "App Snapp") to jailbreak i Phone OS 1.1.1.This allowed users to install third-party programs on their devices before Apple permitted this.

In June 2011, i OS 5, the fifth major release of i OS software, was announced at Apple's WWDC 2011, which added notification, messaging and reminder features.The i Pod Touch runs Apple's Unix-based i OS operating system (called 'i Phone OS' until 2010) and includes bundled software to browse the Internet, view maps, send and receive email, view media, and work with office documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.Users type on a virtual keyboard displayed on the screen.The i OS SDK allows making applications for the i Phone and i Pod Touch after paying a fee to join the development team.

The developer can then set the price for the applications they develop and will receive 70% of money earned.

As of August 2014, each version of i OS on i Pod Touches can be jailbroken using tools such as Pwnage Tool, redsn0w, Absinthe, both versions of evasi0n, and Pangu.

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