Who big sean dating

"mce" could easily translate to "my crush everyday" OR "masturbation chronic ejaculation." So let's just stick with the first option...Several fans are obviously intrigued, and despite overall support, some comments are rather harsh: cherryxonoir: "Can I say #relationshipgoals yet?

Lol.” He added, “Look people, this is not about me, it’ about when the lemon pepper came out.” Story developing …Ariana Grande and Big Sean were Hollywood's hottest couple for a glorious 8 months until they split up in April, breaking all our hearts in the process. If Ariana and Big Sean's past collabs like "Best Mistake" and "Right There" are anything to go by, there's bound to be some amazing relationship anthems you'll be able to blast on repeat inspired by their breakup.The split was amicable according to their reps, who said they still cared about each other and would remain friends. And maybe, since there's clearly no bad blood between the pair, we're sure they'll still be open to collabing on Ari's third album. He has expressed to his friends and inner circle that he thinks she's immature and selfish," a source said.

"But the scary part is, it sounds like he really dislikes her so much now, that the two may never even speak again!

Before being romantically involved with Big Sean, Grande dated Australian star Jai Brooks and The Wanted's band member Nathan Sykes.