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For despite his menschy, laid-back, good-guy image, Spielberg is an intense power player who cares deeply about financial matters.Says a former agent from CAA, the agency that represents him: "He's probably the toughest person who ever lived, with the added aggravation that he wants everyone to like it. He has people around who make his wishes come true before he even expresses them."What Amy was not."“Walter Parkes is Steven’s idea of what he should have been—East Coast-educated, upper-middle-class family, good-looking guy, right wife the first time, not the second time,” said producer Tony Ludwig.The director's professional life was equally choreographed—though more stringently, even obsessively, controlled.At Amblin, the situation was labeled "the divorce."At Dream Works, Spielberg replaced the aging, disempowered Wasserman and Sheinberg with guardians just as tough: Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen.Assuming the Kennedy/Marshall roles were another husband-and-wife team, Walter Parkes and Laurie Mac Donald, who ran Dream Works' live-action studio.Despite the far more financially pragmatic Geffen and Katzenberg's reservations, the couple soon signed what others in the company referred to as "the deal of the century" in which Parkes and Mac Donald received a whopping 7.5 percent producing fee, which is what mega producers such as Scott Rudin and Jerry Bruckheimer receive.

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As Geffen put it: "When we first started Dream Works, I said to Jeffrey, ' We ought to call this new company the Spielberg Brothers.

Even Spielberg's home life was suitable for framing.